Strategic management

Where would you like to be in 5 or 8 years? What implications for your current activities and for next year? What differentiate a manager from a top manager?
Response: his/her ability to have a clear vision (and to be able to transfer it).

How can I develop this ability? May I also develop my own vision if I am part of the ‘middle management’? What is expected from me? What is the difference between vision and mission? What is a strategy?

So many elements play an essential part for the ability to rally a team. Prosper companies have always a clear mission and vision (even when these are not written on paper).

Thanks to a unique approach, we can help you to develop a company vision, and likewise to transfer it to your co-workers in the organisation.
4Result assists you in this way to:

· Formulate the mission and vision of your company
· Translate this mission and vision to the attention of all departments
· Translate the mission and vision in clear values and in behavioural norms (standards) adapted to each job
· Adapt the training plan in order to adjust it to the behavioural norms required
· Stimulate a benchmark conscience (branding) in the entire organisation
· Learn to work with a vision and mission derived, adapted to the department
· Learn to convert these elements into a company plan, at the level of each department
· Learn to convert these elements into an individual action plan, at the level of each job.
· .......................................................