Sales & sales management

Based on the principle “No customers, no company”, the Sales Department has become the cornerstone of the company. At each step of the sales & marketing process, the customer is our main preoccupation.

At this stage, a reflection about some fundamental questions arerequired:
· How can we distinguish ‘interesting’ customers from those who are uninteresting?
· What are accurately the expectations of our target customer?
· How can we answer at best ?: What is the optimal argumentation (backing with visual aids)
· How do we satisfy the customer (‘delighting the customer’)?
· How do we ensure that he comes back?
· .....

Our training sessions are based on well-tried methods. Our goal: to get results short- and long-term.
Our catch phrase: “Stop selling, help your customer to buy!”.

These last years, new concepts were constantly created: solution selling, consultative selling, etc. But are these really new ideas or are the basic principles staying the same?

First of all, our sale model is based on the analysis of customer’s needs. During the discussion with the salesperson, the goal is that the customer becomes aware of the solution’s added-value. In fact, he/she buys the concept and the company, before the product or service. Therefore he/she is ready to conclude the deal, without delaying his decision.
Result: gaining lots of time and a real win-win-win transaction, for the customer, the salesperson and in the end, your company.

Since it is the customer who buys, and not you selling him something, the customer comes back without you having to chase him.

Based on a detailed analysis of your needs, 4Résult develops a tailor-made solution for your company. We already have many prestigious references in terms of training and consulting, in different ‘sales and marketing’ fields.
Some of the many examples include:

· Sales
o Contacts Face-to-face, canvassing, retention
o Customer welcome
o Selling in showroom
o How to reach the ‘decision makers’ (DMU)
o Effective account management et key account management
o Negotiation techniques
o Dealer development
o Selling on an international scale
o Customers typologies
o Making appointments by telephone, prospecting
o Telesales
o Complaints’ management
o Commercial behaviour (reflections and actions) towards internal co-workers
o Development of sales-aids in a sales-map
o Drafting of an opening presentation: “One minute presentation”
o …

Far from being standard methods (‘off-the-shelf’), our trainings always offer a tailor-made solution, accounting for the management’s vision and mission, specifics of the business, level of the co-workers’ knowledge, along with many other factors.

We always advise case-studies and role-playing in relation with the participants’ daily environment.

· Sales management
o Development of a sales plan ; planning
o Selection and training of your sales team
o Desk coaching and field coaching centered on results and practice
o Motivation and evolution of your team
o ..........

Thanks to our long and wide experience in the sales management field, we can help your sales managers with their teams to get results quickly. The field-coaching is one of the main keys to success.

Beware not to mix up ‘field-coaching’ – which requires knowledge and skills quite specific from the coach – and ‘joint calls’ (accompanied selling). Next to fieldcoaching, we train and/or help managers in desk coaching techniques and phone coaching techniques.