Production & organisation management

Project management

The management of the procedures is probably the most undervalued part of a management position. The catch phrase of the modern manager could be: "Never take things for granted”. Actually: it is always possible to accomplish a task in a simpler, quicker, cheaper way, in short, more effective.

To achieve it, the manager will have to:
1. Check that ‘processes’ and procedures apply for all. Each team member must know the ‘who, what, when, how and where’ of a mission.
2. Keep in mind three essential notions: planning, consultation and structure.
3. Check that the procedures and processes are applied according to plans.
4. Constantly make a point of improving processes in place for the purpose of greater efficiency.

Project management is a difficult matter to master without external assistance. A training programme is far from being superfluous.


Nowadays, quality is a fundamental notion in the business environment. Each company claims to offer quality products and services. Though, quality procedures are often difficult to put in place and welcomed with little enthusiasm by the company’s co-workers.

A client with some critical thinking will not be impressed by a logo ISO, if he/she doesn’t find matching enthusiasm in his supplier and a will to ‘please him/her’ (above simple ‘satisfaction of the client’).
Beyond these procedures and well-tried norms, this implies that the top management and all co-workers join the organisation in place.

It is the reason why it is essential that members of your quality management are well-supervised by professionals.

At 4Result, we know and master the regulation concerning quality at different levels. Thanks to intensive training programmes, we will be able teach your team members all tricks of the trade, including in the following fields:

· Understanding and applying base principles of « quality management »
· Measuring the quality : preparation of audits
· Achieving analysis or audits
· Structuring a meeting, drafting a report and communicating internally
· Developing plans for improvement, in collaboration with the team
· Motivating a team: leading them to consider the quality objective not like a constraint but like a mission
· …