Holding a high position often involves an elaborated and solitary work. A manager is paid with a view to finding objective and scientifically proved solutions in all fields, to taking quick decisions, and to knowing more than others. However, a manager remains an individual, with his/her strong points, but also his/her weaknesses. Therefore, his/her main problem will be to fulfil his/her job using strengths and weaknesses.

Though, how could a manager, just promoted ‘manager’, be trusted to make appropriate decisions quickly?

A top manager, worthy for this position, will be aware of his/her weaknesses and will approach professionals, who will help him to overcome and fulfil his job efficiently. To accomplish it, he/she will need models together with simple and performing working methods.

4Result has developed a special management model, allowing each manager (beginner or not) to identify his/her responsibilities quickly, and rise to the new challenges successfully.
4Result’s Professional Team is experienced in this business model; it makes us ideal trainers in this matter.
4Result have already achieved several experiences with success, notably in the following management fields:

· Methodical use of the strategy Plan Do Check Act by the manager in order to achieve results
· Leadership skills
· Change management: Introduction and support
· People management or how to achieve results WITH your co-workers
· Team building
· Strategic management: from the mission and vision, to the implementation; to draw up and follow-up a business plan, a balanced score card, etc…
· Time & priority management: Effective time management and planning of a team
· Financial management: making a decision based on figures
· Self-management to the attention of managers
· Individual coaching of managers
· Leading and coaching, applications
· Knowing my own style, being able to adapt myself to different types of persons in my team (different social profiles, different typologies)
· …

Training programmes can be adapted and designed at the same time for teams, field managers, middle management and top management.