Peoplemanagement (HRM)

Skills & coaching management

How do you ensure that your co-workers reach the level of required performance?
First of all, you must ensure that each individual is well placed in the organisation (according to his knowledge, skills and behaviour).
Coaching is also an important key to success.

How can you achieve this objective or how can you improve your present approach?
On this subject, 4Result can give you advice in the following fields:

· How to recruit needed profiles?
· How to assist new co-workers to start in our company?
· How to develop a training programme adapted to each position?
· Why organise operating meetings, and how to conduct them?
· The difference between operating meetings and assessment meetings?
· Encouraging the ‘Motivating people’ and giving direction to the ‘demotivating people’
· Coaching by focusing on results
o Desk-coaching
o Field-coaching
o Phone-coaching
o Mental coaching

- Team building

Knowledge and know-how are two flagship notions of our trainings. But even supported by the presence of football stars, a football team can always meet a serious motivation problem. Yet, a motivated team can accomplish the impossible.

Via a detailed analysis, 4Result can help you to identify the origin of your problem; and afterwards, develop an approach plan with the management in order to solve it. Much more than a traditional ‘little weekend in the Ardennes’, our solutions constitute a true structured action plan, accounting for the different actors’ perspectives (top management, middle management, training, co-workers).

The play can be a component of solution but will always be considered as a way and not a goal in itself. Thus, don’t expect a wild ‘pep-talk’, but rather a structured approach of team life. With just what is needed of motivating elements to encourage the troops. The objective at the end of the training is triple:
- The co-workers are conscious of the problem
- They foresee a possible solution
- They have confidence in this solution, after having tested during the team building session.

The offer of 4Result in this field is diversified:

· Team building is always ‘made-to-measure’
· Structures and roles of teams
· Motivating and ‘demotivating’ agents
· Mutual objectives versus personal objectives
· .........................
· Modules possibly completed by :
o Adventure games
o Mountain-bike event
o A ski initiation ...

For the logistical organisation of these educational games, we delegate these activities to specialised partners.
4Result ensures that the game fits in the learning plan of the team.