Financial management

“Suddenly, you are promoted to a manager position”

As a manager, you are finding information previously inaccessible; you must be able to speak about it and have to take it into account to make decisions. Moreover, managers, salesmen and account managers must have more and more control on data of financial type (customers’ data, figures concerning portfolio, results). The lack of basic knowledge at this level can quickly bring doubt in someone’s mind and cause rejection.

Our trainings enable ‘non-financial’ managers to access to the complex world of accountants and auditors easily and smoothly.
The trainers have already been facing, as ‘non-financial’ managers in the past, difficulties that you meet in this area.
Another equally important aspect: the manager must be able to develop a “company plan”.
What is the present situation in my department? In which direction would I like to go and how am I going to reach it? The answers to these three questions are the most important that your managers must find.

4Result offers you a method addressed to all co-workers or managers, whatever their level, and which will enable them to develop a company plan (business plan), to build it, and then to execute it. Some aspects among others:

· Developing and executing a business plan
· Being able to do analysis, plan-out objectives & develop plans
· Translating balance sheets, to the attention of co-workers and ‘non-financial’ managers
· Being able to establish a budget, to the attention of co-workers and ‘non-financial’ managers
· Understanding and handling ratios and balanced scorecards’.
· .............................